Giselle Felice is a vocalist, songwriter, and creative entrepreneur from Orlando, Florida. Her music duo, Giselle and Erik, was recently awarded a DownBeat Student Music Award (2021) in the Latin Group category at the graduate level. The duo performs across Florida at venues including The Reilly Arts Center, Heartwood Soundstage, and many more.


As a child, Giselle sang for the TV show, Barney & Friends. She grew up in the opera world, performing in 8 operas with the Orlando Opera Company. While in high school, Giselle worked with John Marsden Productions to produce her first singer/songwriter album, A Passing By.


Giselle received her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a specialization in International Studies and a minor in Jazz Studies from the University of Florida Honors Program in Fall 2020. She is a two-time recipient of the UF Archie Wingfield Women in Jazz scholarship and, upon graduation, Giselle was inducted into the UF Honors Hall of Fame. Giselle interned at the U.S. Department of State in their Cultural Programs Division, assisting American Music Abroad, Arts Envoy, and NextLevel program officers. Through the UF Honors Program, she developed and taught two undergraduate Honors courses: Hidden Notes: Exploring Unsung Careers in the Music Industry and Social Impact of Music Entrepreneurs (co-developed/taught).


Giselle is passionate about using music as a form of storytelling and social advocacy. As an Askew Research Scholar at UF, she is developing and composing music mnemonics to support high school education in American History and Civics. She is especially devoted to advocating for girls and women, demonstrated in her 2021 TEDxUF talk, “I Challenge the Patriarchal Norm One Song at a Time.”


Currently, Giselle is the vocalist and manager for the Giselle and Erik music duo and is nearing completion of her Masters of Science in Entrepreneurship at the University of Florida. Learn more about Giselle and Erik at www.giselleanderik.com.